7 Best MIG Welder Under 400

The welding procedure is not as easy as it appears. We have to realize the complete procedure is tough. The most common type of welding is arc welding (GMWA) in which we use an electric arc between the surface and an electrode. We need a shielding gas so that we can protect the metals from contamination. Below is our review of the Best MIG Welder under 400.

If you want the best MIG Welder Under 400 dollars among the listed products, we will suggest HITBOX MIG 200 Amp Welder. This is the best product according to our research as it is a more portable device. This is a multifunctional device and a perfect choice for smaller tasks.

MIG welders are used on large scales in industries as well as in homes. The selection of welders is as important as the process itself. The best quality MIG welders under $400 are listed below.

7 Best MIG Welder Under $400

Image Product Features Price
TOP PICKLincoln Electric Handy MIG K2185-1 Welder Lincoln Electric K-2185-1 Handy Core
  • Weight: 45 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 115V
  • Output: 70 Amp
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Output: 50 Amp
Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter LOTOS LTP5000D 50AMP NON-TOUCH ARC PLASMA CUTTER
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Output: 50 Amp
Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST 120V230 V Welder FORNEY 291 EASY WELD 180ST 120/230V WELDER
  • Weight: 24 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 230V
  • Output: 90 Amp
Hobart Handler 125 HOBART HANDLER 125
  • Weight: 63 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output: 130 Amp
BEST CHOICEForney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC- I Welder
  • Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output: 70 Amp
Everlast Power 110120 Volt MIG 140E Welder Everlast Power 110/120 Volt MIG 140E Welder
  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Output: 70 Amp

1. Lincoln Electric K-2185-1 Handy Core

Lincoln Electric Handy MIG K2185-1 Welder

The Lincoln K2185-1 Handy MIG is a familiar flux-centered MIG welder under 400 that is ideally outfitted for avocation welders and tiny welding tasks for welding steel up to 1/8-Inches.

This product is well known for starters as this has an impressive worth. It is also painless to keep with, but the accuracy and longevity of this machine manners are also utilized by professional welders who directly do not need more strength.

This device is a handy-core that can move with you anywhere you want. Lincoln k electric handy core is a versatile MIG welder under 400 with a lightweight. The design is super comfy, and the features are user-friendly.

This device comes with everything you need. The cable assembly, gun, power cable, flux-cored wire electrode, hand shield, and hammer all include in the package. This product is dense and flimsy, making it painless to transfer. A rigid handle is connected to the device’s peak to assist you in lifting it, and this product weights 46 lbs, so this is not much heft to keep through your work site.

This product is a customer-favoring machine that is easy to utilize. Due to its cost, you do not own any of the attributes of more costly welders, such as an advanced amount of voltage positioning or boundless cable strive pace command.

This device is easy to go for light metals welding. This device can handle home repairs, small projects, exhausted cars, and low voltage tasks.

Things We Like
  • Ideal for light metals and materials
  • A small flux machine for beginners
  • Reasonable price
  • Good quality
  • Easy process of setup
  • Convenient to use
Things We Don’t Like
  • Heat up fast
  • Not for industrial use

2. HITBOX MIG Welder 200AMP Inverter

HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp

HITBOX MIG WELDER 200AMP INVERTER is a multifunctional welder with MIG, Arc, Lift, and TIG functionality. It is a versatile and powerful MIG with unique design and features.

This HITBOX MIG Welder 200Amp inverter is a lightweight device. You can transfer this it from your home to your working place painlessly. If you do not have desire to finance a huge amount then this MIG is a considerable option for you. This device is a perfect choice to work for small tasks, not for heavy duties.

This HITBOX MIG is a highly portable device you can carry with you to your job site. This tiny device comes with an MB15 MIG gun, clamp, an electrode, gas tube, a plug, and a flux wire. Besides all this, you have to buy a welding helmet and protective clothing.

You can monitor the voltage and speed. This device comes with a display screen, ground connectors, Euro connectors, and a dustproof panel. This device can use with a power generator, a device for beginners to learn the welding process.

Things We Like
  • A multifunctional device that can handle MIG, TIG, ARC, and LIFT
  • Lightweight device
  • Durable construction
  • Small and affordable device for beginners
  • Dustproof Panel
  • Effective to use
Things We Don’t Like
  • One year warranty
  • Not come with setting instructions

3. LOTOS LTP5000D 50AMP Non-Touch Arc Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

LOTOS LT000D 50 Amp NON-TOUCH PILOT ARC PLASMA Cutter is a distinctive welder that works efficiently to cut the rust, paint, and rough from the surfaces and produce the minimum debris. The pilot arc technology permits you to cut the metals and alloys like mild steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The LOTOS LTP5000D is leading among the MIG welders under $400 for its unique functionality. If you are new to the welding field, this device can be a great resource for you. It is a portable device with remarkable cutting strength and expertise. The non-touch pilot arc attribute makes the motion immediate and painless.

This device has a long hose that provides the facility of extended reach to the workplace. While during the cutting, metal does not come in contact. This product assists to decrease the trimming time and increase the performance of the machine.

This light-weight device supports its durable and solid design. The LOTOS LTP5000D is a stable and powerful device. Moreover, it offers assimilation and flexibility to its users. It has a carrying handle that helps with moving the device to different places.

This cutter provides a clean and smooth cut with no deformity. It comes with a sturdy design to ensure no power leaks and no hazardous gas leak. The LOTOS LTP5000D is painless to manage and ascend. The power plug and air hose initiate the process. The switch power inverter technology has assembled the unit without compromising the quality and performance. You need to ground the device properly. The power button on the device initiates the welding process.

Things We Like
  • An advance cooling system
  • Super easy setup. You can do it within minutes
  • Dual voltage input system
  • Lightweight portable device with affordable price
  • A good cutting ability
  • Compatible and flexible device
  • It provides safety and efficiency to the users
Things We Don’t Like
  • It has a limited warranty
  • It has a short standoff

4. FORNEY 291 Easy Weld 180ST 120/230V Welder

Forney 291 Easy Weld 180 ST 120V230 V Welder

Forney 291 Easy Weld 180ST 120V/230V Welder is an impressive mini machine. This machine is appropriate for beginners and semi-pros. It has a stick and TIG potentiality, which means you don’t need to keep two different devices for different projects.

Many professionals use MIG, TIG, and STICK welders, but home welders can’t spend a handsome amount individually on these welders. This Forney 291 Easy welder is a multi-functional machine that is good for beginners. If you want to learn arc welding, this is the device to do it on, and it has enough capability to do.

Forney 291 is a lightweight MIG welder under 400. It is a portable device; you can move this device to your desired place. Here the Lightweight doesn’t mean it is a garbage device. Its functionality is tremendous; this device can weld up thick mild steel at 170 amps. You can burn the metals with this welder easily.

Forney 291 Easy weld is painless to utilize a welder. You can change the voltages with no hurdle. Although this is a complex welder, you need to treat it well. This device is generator friendly, dual voltage, and user-friendly. It has an electrode holder and cable, ground clamp and cable, 230V adaptor, and power cord. It allows you to weld heavier metals; use thicker rode, and has a little longer duty cycle.

Things We Like
  • A lightweight and portable machine
  • It can weld up to ½ mild steel
  • The capacity of dual voltage
  • It is a generator friendly MIG Welder
  • Best machine to learn arc welding
  • A stable power management system
Things We Don’t Like
  • Fewer accessories compared to other MIG Welders


Hobart Handler 125

Hobart handler 125 MIG Welder is a small portable welder that considers a premium welder from this company. This machine has eccentric features, and these features work smoothly.  This small welder can do many home tasks without difficulty.

This welder is easy to use. Hobart provides you a complete guide to understanding its setup and process. Furthermore, you need to learn the skill and hand-on exercise. This Hobart handler 125 welder is great for outdoor projects, small home tasks, and hobby welding.

This machine is an economical welder with great features and specifications. This machine is a last longer welder available in the 115V range with a low price. You can use 110v to start this welder and can use it around anywhere. We don’t need extra power to operate it. This Hobart handler 125V is one of the best MIG Welder under $400.

This machine has dual properties. You can convert it to a flux core wire function and a gas MIG machine function by using regulators. If you want a clean weld with no spatter, then you should use argon, carbon dioxide, and carbon gasses likewise.

This machine is a duty cycle machine; you can easily use it for household projects and small industrial projects. It has a mass range of wire thickness and four voltage control system. Four voltage structures give a wide operating window for each cable with rapid adaptation for various joints and widths. You can weld thick metals with this machine effectively. It has the ability of electric cold trigger, which can use for safety measures.

Things We Like
  • Broad output range
  • Factory-installed gas solenoid
  • Durable feed
  • Highly portable
  • Self restarting system
  • Reliable warranty
Things We Don’t Like
  • Some accessories are not offered, you have to buy separately
  • You cannot run it with standard generator due to high amperage

6. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-I Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green

The Forney weld 261 is a superb welder under 400 dollars in the marketplace. You can use this machine for DIY, repair and maintenance, metal fabrication, farm and garage works. This machine is designed for both beginners and professionals. It has a voltage regulator that protect from electric shock. The Forney 261 Easy Weld has a specification of wire feed control and infinite voltage to deal with a perfect weld.

Forney 261 has unique features of a flux core wire and allows users to select voltage and wire feed. This machine has 140 amp output ranges that facilitate you to work on different metals with no complications. It is a small welding device with 19 pounds but has a complete powerhouse in it. It can melt down the metals up to ¼ of thickness.

Forney weld 261 is a lightweight and portable device doesn’t mean this machine has cheap quality stuff. It allows the unit to heat up after non-stop usage. This machine can handle wire spools from two to ten pounds. This machine permits you to weld metals like steel, alloy, cast iron, and copper.

This welder includes 8’ground clamp, integrated handle with torch wrap, 8’ MIG gun, 20A adapter and all the recommended accessories. This Forney 261 Weld is an easy to use welder, a big yes for beginners who want to learn welding for decoration.

Things We Like
  • Infinite voltage capacity
  • Flux core and wire feed speed management
  • Transportable and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful Welder
  • Affordable price
  • A great device for beginners
Things We Don’t Like
  • Only compatible with Forney industry parts
  • Not dust free you need to clean the splatter

7. Everlast Power 110/120 Volt MIG 140E Welder

Everlast Power 110120 Volt MIG 140E Welder

The weight of this welder is just 25 pounds proffers personalized positioning and is well-founded. The everlast industry has a long history and it had produced many times in the previous time as well.

This product attributes the up to dated IGBT mechanics which make able rapid turning tariffs and exceptional stages of coherence. It can weld soft and stainless steel with accuracy at a width of 3/16 inches but does not grant flux core welding. It is utilized with 4 and 8 inches barrel cables that are both usually obtainable.

This product is operated on a given voltage of 110V and proffers the best. if this is not the best, difference 60% at 90 A which manners it can be utilized for minutes for consistent welding and will require a rest of just 4 minutes to cool down. This is a considerable refinement from the usual 20% duty cycle at a 90 amperage rating. It provides a 25% loyalty at the exceptional rated 140 amperages.

The limit on voltage and cable pace is boundless which provides you with the freedom to select and motif the positioning according to your desiring. If you are efficient in welding, you can utilize this freedom to the considerable outcome and ready good welds.

This product approaches with a MIG gun, function lump, Argon regulator, and a starter box. This can be adapted painlessly because of its weight and the existence of the peak handle. If we talk about the disadvantages, there is no threshold comprised of the box. Additionally, no given ground lump is very ungainly and has to be compulsory bought individually.

Rather than these demerits, this product is a very beneficial and performing welder that is light and can be utilized to produce considerable outcomes if you realize how to utilize the voltage and cable pace positioning efficiently.

Things We Like
  • Painless to operate
  • Painless transport
  • Latest IGBT mechanics
  • Boundless control on voltage
  • Easy control on wire pace positioning
Things We Don’t Like
  • No threshold
  • Graceless ground lump

Final Verdict

If you like anything you became interested in, you ask the seller to check the product before you purchase. It would help if you examined the device arc strikes, the cable strives speed motor switching when you adapt the command lump, you can also utilize a voltmeter to examine that the alter when you change the strength positioning. If all the mentioned things are fine in the device, then that will be an ideal chance to adopt that MIG welder under 400.

MIG welding is painless for starter welders that are because this is fetching a more manageable choice currently. Though other welding sorts, you will require an accurate instrument if you desire to obtain considerable outcomes. MIG welder under $400 can be costly but do not be panic because this lead will provide you fair-minded cost choices. You will require realizing what makes the best MIG welder under 400 before considering anything else.

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