Best Welder for Auto Body

Welding is not a painless task as it looks, so welders seek the best device they can get. The outcomes of welding are completely controlled by the welding technique being utilized. We have listed the best welder for auto body work if you desire the best one.

Whether you are an amateur or experienced in auto-body work possessing a considerable welding knowledge makes all the distinction in finishing your cars quickly and high level quality.

There are many welders to select from, and everyone has their personal point of view of what they prefer, so not every welder we have under will outfit you. Although, we have written down the eight best MIG welder for auto body work and researched each one to manifest their advantages and disadvantages and help you choose what will be the most preferable for you.

Either you are a MIG welder, TIG welder, or desire a device you can do both with, we have reviewed the scope of divergent welders to assist you to condense a considerable choice for your upcoming forecast.

The best welder chosen by our selection is the Weld Pro 200Amp Welder. This welder gives you the capacity to weld ¼ inches of steel pages. Also, with this welder’s use, you can weld a lot of divergent metals. Furthermore, the MIG, TIG, and arc twig are also obtainable to provide you with adaptable use and extensive materiality.

8 Best Welder for Auto Body Work

  1. Best MIG Multi-Process Welder for Auto Body Work | Weld Pro 200 Amp
  2. Best Welder For Auto Framework | LOTOS 140Amp
  3. Best Cheap Welder for Auto Body Work | SUNCOO Black 130
  4. Best MIG Welder For Car Bodywork | Lincoln K2185-1
  5. Best Rated Welder for Auto Body Work | Hobart 500559
  6. Best MIG Welder for Car Body Work | Prime Weld TIG225X
  7. Best Budget Welder for Auto Body Work Repair | Forney 140 FC-I 120V
  8. Best Small Welder for Auto Body Work | AmicoPower MTS-205 MIG/TIG ARC

Quick Comparison

Weld Pro 200 Amp Welder
★ OUR #1 PICK! ★
Weld Pro 200 Amp Welder
  • Output: 200 Amp
  • Weight: 30 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 110 Volts
LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder
LOTOS 140Amp MIG140 Wire Welder
  • Output: 140Amp
  • Weight: 54 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 120-110 Volts
SUNCOO Black 130 Welder
SUNCOO Black 130 Welder
  • Output: 105 Amp
  • Weight: 26.0 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 110 Volts
Lincoln K2185-1 Electric Handy Welder Lincoln K2185-1 Electric Handy Welder
  • Output: 70 Amp
  • Weight: 26 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 115 Volts
Hobart 500559 Handler 140 Hobart 500559 Welder 140
  • Output: 90 Amp
  • Weight: 64 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 110-20 Volts
Prime Weld TIG225X Welder Prime Weld TIG225X Welder
  • Output: 35 Amp
  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 230 Volts
Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green
Forney 140 FC-I 120V Easy Weld 261 Welder
  • Output: 140 Amp
  • Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 120 Volts
AmicoPower MTS-205 MIGTIG ARC Combo Welder AmicoPower MTS-205 MIG/TIG ARC Combo Welder
  • Output: 200 Amp
  • Weight: 27 Pounds
  • Input Voltages: 120 Volts

Best MIG Multi-Process Welder for Auto Body Work

Weld Pro 200 Amp Welder 

Weld Pro 200 Amp Welder
  • 1/4-Inches width range
  • Soft steel, chrome, copper, brimstone, and other metals compounds
  • 110V Input voltage
  • MIG, TIG, and ARC twig recommendations
  • 30% functioning description
  • 0.023, 0.030, 0.035 Inches Diameter
  • Adaptable wire strives pace
  • 17.72×8.66×14.96 Inches product dimensions
  • 30.4 lbs weight

The Weld Pro gives you the 3 in 1 attribute for balance. You will have the TIG, MIG, and arc twig not to require divergent welding devices for divergent works.

This design 200 of the weld pro welding device is sneered with three divergent insertion sorts. You can utilize TIG, MIG, or curve twig following the function you are doing to utilize an elective barrel gun.

The weight of this weld pro welding is just 30.4 lbs. therefore, its managing is totally comfortable. You can comfortably keep it throughout your worksite. Although, if you have exertion at faraway sites this device will become practical.

This welding device is provided with twofold exponent disposal to comfort effort and accurate adaptations. The exponent disposes of assisting you with the positioning of cable pace and amperage and the device’s safety from overcharge.

The induction positioning will also grant you to command the numerous tasks of the welding device. You can adapt to the cable pace and also in the amperage scope for coherent functioning.

  • Enables the induction positioning
  • Highly flimsy
  • It appears with an elective barrel gun
  • Twofold binary dispose of for your comfort
  • Extremely moveable
  • 3 in 1 attribute
  • You will require AC for utilizing TIG

Best Welder For Auto Framework

LOTOS 140Amp MIG140 Wire Welder

LOTOS MIG140 140 Amp MIG Wire Welder
  • 3/16-Inches steel and 1/18-Inches chrome Width range
  • Soft steel, chrome, brimstone, brass, and russet compounds
  • 110-120V Input voltage
  • 140Amp output
  • MIG welding recommendations
  • 20% Functioning description
  • 0.025-0.030 Inches Diameter
  • 50-740 IPM wire strive pace
  • 16×14.5×9.6 Inches Product dimensions
  • 54 lbs weight

This MIG wire welding device is exceptionally long-lasting and gives you comfortable managing. Furthermore, you will be applicable to obtain the extremely moveable welding device on a finite budget.

This welding device is exceptionally well-founded because of the ideal standard of chrome cable in the stooge. Furthermore, the piston mechanic utilized for this welding device is preferably direct and comfortable. Moreover, it grants the functioning of your welder at the quality ménage voltage.

To additional increase, your utilization adventure LOTOS has given a 2T/4T switch. Both robotic and physical switches are given to you. This switch grants you to weld incidentally for a long period and without thumb acute. 

This welding device gives you the two binary disposes of. These arrays grant you to possess a sight of the cable pace so that you can build up accurate adaptations. Moreover, it also decreases the risk of breaking and entangling the cable.

The weight of this MIG Welder is just 54 Pounds, and that builds up it exceptionally flimsy. Moreover, this advances its flexibility and comfortable managing. You may clasp this welder at your performing distance where you desire to do the task.

  • It gives you additional command over the works
  • Binary dispose to comfort you function
  • Flimsy advances its flexibility
  • The use of ideal standard material will make it long-lasting
  • Function considerable at quality ménage voltage
  • Covering gas is required for welding a rigid wire

Best Cheap Welder for Auto Body Work

SUNCOO Black 130 Welder

SUNCOO Black 130 Welder
  • 1/8-Inches of soft steel Width range
  • Soft steel, chrome, stringent, brass, copper, and brimstone material compounds
  • 110V Input voltage
  • 105Amp output
  • MIG welding recommendations
  • 15% functioning description
  • 0.025-0.030 Inches Diameter
  • 13.4×7.2×11.4 Inches product dimensions
  • 37lbs weight

This exceptionally erected MIG welding device appears in black color. Furthermore, a handle is adapted at the peak so that you can comfortably keep the welder across with you. This advances the flexibility of the welding device.

An impressive attribute of this welding device is that it is without gas. A centered cable is utilized in this welding device that instinctively liberates metal dormant gas that refines the welding procedures. Moreover, it also stops the harm to the welded sections that happen because of blight.

The welding procedure requires an immense quantity of heat creation. This may upshot in harming the device’s internal section. Therefore a must utilize a suitable heat dissolution structure in the welding device, which is the case. For finer heat dissolution, two air assessments are utilized on the device.

For the manufacturer functioning, you require a command over plenty of things. That’s why this welding device gives you a variety of pace commands through the four studs. Moreover, a gyred lump is also delivered for your comfort and command over the pace.

A rigid deck loop is delivered for the protection of the labor. Additionally, it will stop any discharge while welding and will secure you from any feasible harm. For discharge blockage, an immediate present band is established, which warrants that the procedure moves flatly.

  • Extremely economical
  • Without gas welding adventure
  • Two air outlets for suitable heat dissolution
  • Deck lace for discharge blockage
  • Shortages of suitable labor command

Best MIG Welder For Car Bodywork

Lincoln K2185-1 Electric Handy Welder

Lincoln K2185-1 Electric Handy Welder
  • 1/8-Inches soft steel width range
  • Soft steel, chrome, copper, and brimstone compounds
  • 115V Input voltage
  • 70Amp output
  • 35-88 Amp range
  • MIG welding recommendations
  • 20% functioning description
  • 0.035 Inches Diameter
  • Adaptable wire strives pace
  • 18×10.3×16.8 Inches product dimensions
  • 26 lbs weight

This voltaic MIG device by Lincoln will increase your welding adventures. It will give you the comfort to weld plenty of divergent metals. Furthermore, with the obtainable instruments, you will b applicable to do your task comfortably.

A considerable welding device should be extremely moving so that you can keep it across with you. If you possess plenty of outside functions, then this device will be perfect for you. It has a dense style that builds it exceptionally moveable. Furthermore, to additional advance its flexibility; this welding device is carried flimsy.

The inceptive beginning of the MIG welding device is very typical and comfortable. You have to develop the pack and begin functioning because every single required instrument is delivered to you. Obligatory sections comprise gas beak, hand cover, gun, and the gas conk and director.

This welding device gives you the convenience of managing every slight feature of the performance. This is significantly built to perform the little connects and sections. Therefore, you can pivot on the little container connects and welding of every minute aside that you desire. Oppositely, this is not feasible with the large ones.

Laboring adaptations are significantly beneficial when you are performing with divergent substances. Every substance and welding tip requires divergent positioning. Therefore, the welding device gives you the adaptation cable pace so that you can function independently.

  • Ideal for slight features
  • Flimsy style
  • Extremely moveable erection
  • You can manually modify positioning
  • Not ideal for large parts welding

Best Rated Welder for Auto Body Work

Hobart 500559 Welder 140

Hobart 500559 Handler 140
  • 1/4-Inches of  soft steel width range
  • Brassbound, chrome, brass, russet, and brimstone materials
  • 110V-120V Input voltage
  • 90 Amp output
  • 25-140 Amp range
  • MIG welding recommendations
  • 20% functioning description
  • 0.035 inches Diameter
  • 40-700 IPM Wire strive pace
  • 19 x 11 x 13 Inches product dimensions
  • 64.8 lbs weight

This is the best welder for the people who have outside exertion. The welding device possesses a dense and moveable style, and you can keep it anywhere with you. The flimsy attribute is this device moreover attaches to its flexibility and comfortable conveying.

There are numerous divergent metals that can be managed with the utilization of this MIG welder. You will apply weld brass, brassbound, russet, brimstone mixture, and the invariably centered chrome. This extensive figure of metal managing will comfort your function. Moreover, you will be applicable to utilize this single welder for all of your presentations.

This welder device will provide you the s setting election choices for the voltage command. You can comfortably manage to your wished voltage allocating your performance. Voltage has a smash on the final ending, and that’s why this command will grant you to possess a flat and firm arc for every welding width.

The handling of this welding device is also entirely comfortable and direct. The voltage needed to move this device is 115V, which is a quality ménage voltage. Accordingly, you do not have to panic about obtaining an individual lofty and squat voltage structure just because of a welding device.

This welding device will be exceptionally long-lasting due to the utilization of ideal quality substances. The function brace utilized for this device is dreadful. Furthermore, the operating structure is also built up of commercial cast chrome.  You can conclude with the standard device and its functioning.

  • The Commercial standard substance is used
  • Welding device is long-lasting
  • Can comfortably control the ménage voltage
  • Flimsy and moveable
  • The wire extent is a bit short

Best MIG Welder for Car Body Work

Prime Weld TIG225X Welder

Prime Weld TIG225X Welder
  • 24x19x12 Inches product dimensions
  • 90 Pounds weight
  • Black color
  • Steel material
  • AC/DC pulse power root
  • 225Amp TIG welder
  • 3 years limited warranty

Not everyone loves to TIG weld their automobile forecasts, but some people love it. And this product assembles the decent ending on a car when people take the opportunity to utilize this procedure. If you are in this base, then the Prime weld TIG 225X is the perfect TIG welder for auto body work.

This product has a vast scope of positioning, so you have every chance to accomplish your task as excellently and clearly as any TIG welder could give. It has a vast amperage scope, which would not always be obligatory for auto-body function, but it’s useful to possess if you require doing any other restores.

This device appears with an abated CK Super flex light, which steers a blow when you require obtaining rigid and tricky marks throughout the car. It’s a very cushy light to utilize and does not agitate overboard for body work.

Prime Weld has the lofty user favor worth’s you will discover in the welding vend. This welder is not only actual nominal but you will be taken care of from the time of buy for as long as you require help from Prime Weld.

  • Throb curve ability
  • Efficient user favor
  • Treadle and thumb switch
  • High-density beginning
  • Lift and fall functions
  • No MIG capabilities some times

Best Budget Welder for Auto Body Work Repair

Forney 140 FC-I 120V Easy Weld 261 Welder

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green
  • 16x7x8.1 Inches product dimensions
  • 19 pounds weight
  • 120V size
  • Green color
  • Welder design
  • Metal material
  • AC power source
  • I item package quantity
  • 6 feet cord length
  • Metric measurement structure

The last one in our list of best MIG welder auto-body works the tiny Forney Easy Weld261, which moves up to 140 Amperage at the absolute sound. This is not the best device obtainable, but it is perfect under half the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG welder’s cost. Aside from the smaller amperage scope, it runs welds that are just as orderly.

For car body work, 140Amp should usually be sufficient to do the task, so this is not much of any problem. However, most people favor a broad scope of amperage for more medleys. The guides are a little bit smaller, and the standard is not fully of similar worth, but it is considerable, however, if you are actually on a low price.

This product is a small moveable device with a considerable scope of adaptations, and Forney has one of the effortless directions to follow if you require one to erect and move the welder. This is not our preferred device among these seven, but it is considered worth having a low budget.

  • Low budget
  • Painless to utilize
  • Vast welding capacity
  • AC power root
  • No twig capabilities
  • Small leads

Best Small Welder for Auto Body Work

MTS-205 MIG/TIG ARC Combo Welder

AmicoPower MTS-205 MIGTIG ARC Combo Welder
  • 18x9x14 inches product dimensions
  • 27 pounds weight
  • 200 amperage capacity
  • Metal material
  • 60% duty cycle

If you seek a device to weld chrome, brimstone, copper, soft steel, and stainless steel, then AmicoPower gives you a consideration blend. The MTS205 is the best friend of welders, as this product has more scientific ranks than all other same budget products.

You must be seeking IGBT mechanics for finer serviceability, and it is obtainable in this product. The twofold voltage of 110/230V is considerable but what is finer is its capacity to do divergent welding sorts.

You can connect various kinds of loop cable to the MTS205 or welding adaptability, beginning from rigid and unstable cable to chrome wire. TIG light and twig are also obtainable. The beginning and the finish amperages are considerable for any manufacturer welder. This has the capacity to weld ½ inches of metal painlessly.

Basic and essential factors are comprised in this product. All the important features assure you obtain a flat welding adventure from over/under voltage safety to amperage command.

  • Painless to weld
  • Can work with rigid and flux wire
  • TIG and Stick function
  • MIG gun and wire assembly
  • It does not have spool gun some times

Final Verdict

We have given you with a list of Best MIG welder for auto-body work. You may have a sight of the index of top seven products that we have reviewed.

For delivering you with the most precise information about the objects regarded to auto body welder, we also have responded to some of the asked queries. So, make the best choice of this obtainable knowledge.


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